UPSC Courses

There is a dearth of awareness about UPSC as a strong career option, not only amongst the rural population but also amongst the well educated, urban middle class. When we utter theword ‘career’, people, especially anxious parents and their wardsthink of Engineering (with preference attached to softwareengineering) , Medical, Management, Architecture so on and so forth. We generally read in the interviews of successful, meritorious
students from 10th or 12th Boards that they would like to become engineers, doctors or these days – MBAs. However, very few of them as well as their parents are aware about UPSC or Union civil services as a robust career option, which not only can give name, fame as well as a secure, stable and enriching career path but also
immense inner satisfaction of serving the society in true sense of the term. Union Public Service Commission is an autonomous constitutional body which recruits personnel for different Union Services (except Armed Forces). Civil Service is a crucial institution, which is responsible for implementing the laws made by the legislature as well as the policies formulated by the government. This is the higher class among the public administration, which includes domestic as well as foreign affairs. (However, it does not include judiciary or Armed forces). The Indian Civil Services are categorized as Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D services. Through a rigorous examination procedure, UPSC recruits personnel for about 24 services. The list is given below:

UPSC Courses
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